3 things I learned from living near the ocean

Posted on Dec 30, 2013 | 0 comments

apartment Tenerife

The apartment we found in Tenerife, and where we`ll live until the event, is just 50 meters from the ocean. Something I always dreamed of. I can actually see the progression of the tides, beautiful sunrises and the clear blue water right from the balcony and even from the bedroom. All in all, a dream that came true. But after a few weeks here, I realized something that bothered me a little.

In order to explain, let me ask you something. Have you ever watched a movie in which the main character lived in an amazing villa that faced the ocean and felt a bit of envy? Honestly.

I did. I remember a scene from Seven Pounds, where Will Smith comes out of ocean after a swim and enters his amazing house located somewhere on the shores of the Atlantic (or was it the Pacific?). When I watched the scene I remember thinking that if some day I`m going to live that way, I`m going to swim in the ocean every day.

Fast-forward three or four years later and I`m kind of living my dream. I don`t live in a villa, yet, but the ocean is a very short walk away. The water is not very warm, but not cold either, and I might say it`s quite suitable for a swim (amazing, as it is December).

So how many times did I swim in 3 weeks? Once! Just once, and just for about 5 minutes.

This stroke me as a little odd and after more than a moment`s thought I reached a few conclusions:

  1. Some dreams are half-bullshit.

I chased something I did not know how it would feel. With some things I want I just know that it will feel good and it usually does. With others I am wrong. So for every dream it helps to test the waters (pun intended) and see if you would like more of that dream, and not just a small piece of it. So, for example, if you want to be a digital nomad and travel as a lifestyle, you should probably try to live abroad for a just a few weeks or a month before trying to do it for a few years. Just to get a taste and see if it is for you or not.  

  1. Effort does not stop after you achieved you dream.

I`m here, but going for a swim requires some effort. I actually enjoy swimming and snorkeling, but sometimes I`m too lazy to go to the water or I find excuses. The point is that even after you feel you achieved the dream, you still need to put in some effort in order to actually enjoy it!

  1. Add people.

My dream was a solitary dream. I imagined myself going alone for a swim in the morning in some kind of meditative experience. But the most fulfilling experiences come from sharing happy moments with other people. When I did go for a swim, I actually went with my girlfriend and the experience was much more enriching and pleasant that way.

The conclusion?

Not all dreams are bullshit, but it helps to question them a bit and see if you really want them. Put in the effort to achieve them, but also to live them fully. Test the waters before setting a goal and make sure you have someone to share the fruits of your success with.

Travelling and living as a digital nomad was a dream for me. But it`s much more fulfilling when I can share that dream with amazing people, even if that requires some more effort. And that`s why I love the concept of co-working and co-living in an exotic location, it has a bit of everything and makes fulfilled dreams taste better.

In the end it`s all about being honest with yourself. The most important kind of honesty you could hope for.