5 amazing things you can do in Tenerife

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Many people come to Tenerife for a while and end up moving here or wanting to come back as soon as possible. All Canary Islands are beautiful and interesting, but Tenerife might be the most diverse. You can do all the normal stuff you`d expect to do on a touristic island, but you`ll get much more. Here are five amazing things that you can do on the island, things that never quite get old or boring:

  1. Go from sea level to 7000 feet (2100 m) in 45 minutes.

The infrastructure is pretty good so you can easily drive from the beach, from almost any point on the island, to more than 2100 meters in less than 45 minutes. That means that one moment you can enjoy the sun and swim in the sea and the next, well…one hour later, you can engage in a friendly snow fight. The peak of the island is 3718 meters high, so right when I`m writing this it is covered by snow and I`m getting a tan at 24 degrees Celsius.



  1. Watch a sunset over the clouds nearly every day

Because you can drive up to 2100 meters you can find yourself above the blanket of clouds that forms almost every day around the peak and watch the sunset from this perspective. The colors are just indescribable and even the trip back down is scenic as you`ll see all the lights from the cities on the coast.



  1. Go from deserts to green lands and lush forests in 20 minutes

Due to the diversity of microclimates you can drive for 15-20 minutes and find that the scenery and the climate have changed completely. In one place it can be windy and a bit cold, in another it will be sunny and hot while in another one it might rain, all that at the same time. And you can get from one to the other in a few minutes by car. We know that there is almost always a sunny place on the island, we just need to drive there. And as for scenery, it`s just incredible. You can be in the south and see only desert around you, with very few plants and then you can drive to the north where you will see grass, trees and even lush forests. This fast change takes you by surprise sometimes. The diversity is simply beyond what I can describe in words.



  1. Watch dolphins in their natural habitat and even swim with them

Paddling in a kayak or a SUP board for about half an hour will take you in an area where you can see dolphins passing exactly near or under your kayak or surf board. You can even jump in and swim with them to watch them in their natural habitat. It`s an amazing feeling to watch these majestic and friendly animals up close, especially when you know you paddled quite a lot to get there. The feeling that you are in the open ocean also helps to make the experience special.

dolphins adventure


    1. Party for weeks

The number of fiestas on this island is outrageous. It seems like every other weekend they have a local holiday and they don`t just talk about it, they organize a parade, a concert, local fairs or dress up in funny costumes.


And probably the best one is the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a fiesta where everyone, and  when I say everyone I mean thousands and thousands of people, dresses up in different costumes and gathers on the street to dance and party. This happens almost every night for a whole month in different cities on the island.

In the summer they have “romerias” or local fiestas in almost every town and you can find weird events like the where one they bring all the animals of one village to the beach to bless them, or like the one (Fiestas de San Andrés) when they slide down their steep paved roads on improvised wooden or iron boards.

Watch this crazy event and go to the 02:30 mark to see some crazy landings:




Now, need I remind you that you can still join us in February and March?

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