Co-working and co-living in amazing locations

Is it a guesthouse?
Is it an event?
Is it an office?

It`s all of the above. Nomadic Hub will be your home and your office for a month or just 2 weeks.

Join an intimate gathering of like-minded professionals in a fun atmosphere that facilitates profitable relationships.

We believe life can be lived gloriously.

Grim offices are productivity killers. And they don`t kill only productivity, but also your dreams. Life can be lived differently.


We imagine a world where you can work from your favorite place in the world, be it a tropical island or a diving resort, while being surrounded by like-minded, cool and active people, friends. 

You are probably very passionate about what you do. But we think memories are created after work. You should be able to enjoy a small snobbish reward for giving 100% every day. You should be able to live in a tropical paradise, if only for a little while, or to try new things and engage in new adventures.

Imagine finishing work and being in paradise. Your kind of paradise. This almost perfect world exists and it is called nomadicHUB.

At nomadicHUB we commit to a month of living in some of the best places on Earth with access to all kinds of fun activities. You can travel and work at the same time.

Digital nomad

Every month or so we rent a cozy villa in a tropical paradise, a new country or even a ski resort.

It might be anything, with the condition of being new, attractive and amazing. We choose locations that give us access to fun activities like festivals, surfing, skiing, horseback riding, climbing, diving or all of these at once.

Then we gather a group of 8 to 12 like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers or digital nomad employees and we commit to a month of hard work and hard fun. We explore the surroundings, engage in new activities, learn something new and enjoy an office with an amazing view.

NomadicHub is an experiment in lifestyle design aimed to increase productivity and the overall quality of life.  Here`s a list of our next events.


Join us in February and March in  Tenerife, la Isla de la Eterna Primavera, to escape the winter!


Cover Tenerife Project

Life can be awesome.

You spend most of your living hours working. You spend at least eight hours in the day glued to your laptop, racking your brains for the next big idea or solving complex problems, changing the world.

But what makes your life richer? What makes you feel that you have a fulfilled life?

If meeting new people, learning new things and travelling are among the answers then you should give serious thought to joining us. Seriously.



 We have at least 4 events planned in 2014. 


In February we will rent a villa in Tenerife and we`ll live there with 8 more like-minded people with the goal of being productive, connecting and trying as many activities as time permits. We`ll escape the winter (the average temperature in the Canarias is 24 degrees Celsius) and tour the island.

The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife happens then and we will have tons of fun.

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We`ve always dreamed of being able to live for a whole month in a ski resort with awesome people. Now it is possible. At the end of March we`ll rent a cozy chalet with everything  we  need in order to work.

Join us to be able to ski or snowboard while working productively, enjoying the company of amazing people and living the dream.

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In May we want to go diving. We`ll do this in Egypt (or maybe another exotic location). Following the tradition we will rent a location and we`ll do as much diving as possible. Dates and details will be announced soon.

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Next winter we will spend Christmas on a tropical island, it will probably be Costa Rica.


Who`s “we”? Visit the team page to get to know us.


An old indian man once told me that every life, and that might include yours, if you agree, is a succession of moments. It is our duty to make them amazing. For moments to be great we have to make sure we spend them in glorious settings. 

We all know that the life of a digital nomad si not always as glori0us as others may lead you to believe, but it is still far more interesting than staying at home

nomadicHUB is all about creating a great work environment, an opportunity for meaningful networking and a great lifestyle for those who join us.  You will get everything you need to live comfortably and focus on your work while enjoying life in your free time.

Spend one month on an exotic island for the cost of a 10-day vacation.

You`ll try new things and experience a whole new life or continue your already awesome life. joy

This project is part of our own need after working as digital nomads in Tenerife, Luxembourg, Paris, Romania, Belgium, India, USA, Porto and a few other places. We realized we needed a stable place with good Internet and privacy so we can be productive. But we also needed inspiration, great scenery and the opportunity to explore a whole new culture with like-minded people with whom we can share that. And that is what we are creating with nomadicHUB, a guesthouse+hub+office for  awesome working people.

You get diversity, a new adventure and a whole new experience.

Who are we and what`s our role in this?

We (read about us here) are digital nomads who worked from exotic locations before and want to give other people a chance to live the same lifestyle.

On each event we are your personal guides, facilitators and helpers. We help you find the best flights, we organize weekly events, we`ll take you around the island and to meet local people, we solve problems if they arise, we make sure you have the peace and quiet you need when you work and fun activities when you don`t.

Want to join us? You can. There are just a few conditions:

  1. You can join us for at least 2 weeks, but preferably a month
  2. You need to come to work (or also to work), nomadicHUB is also an office.
  3. Come to have the best time of your life.

It`s nice to have an exciting life but without jeopardizing your work, business or discipline. You`ll get exactly that by joining our events.

Go see the events!