Details for The Tenerife Escape event

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What`s included in the cost:

  • Accommodation for 30 nights or 14 nights depending on the package you choose (it  includes your own room or your bed in a twin shared room).
  • House cleaning once a week.
  • Workspace - There will be several workspaces in the villa. You will also have access to office equipment in the form of a printer/scanner and a few LCD monitors to connect your laptop.
  • Internet access (Wi-Fi)- We have a stable ADSL 10Mbps connection which works at a real rate of 3MB/s.  The team will make sure there is no downtime or if it occurs that you will have access to a back-up connection until the issue is solved. Here is a screenshot of a speedtest done on a similar connection on the island.
  • Buffet breakfast - Each morning we will lay out a standard buffet breakfast with coffee, tea, fruits, eggs, cereals, milk, etc.
  • Transport to and from the airport – We`ll greet you at the airport, pick you up and drop you off when you leave.
  • Access to the car of the hub - There will be a car at the hub and you`ll have access to it for 10 hours each week. There will be an internal booking system  in order to reserve it and gas used during these trips will be paid separately.  We encourage car sharing.  The car cannot be booked when we organize trips and events for you guys, because we`ll all use it then.
  • Weekend trips - Each weekend we`ll propose an excursion to see some of the main attractions on the island or try something new. We`ll be your guides and come with you. The car and the gas are included. Entrances (if they exists) meals, etc are not.  You don`t have to come on these trips if you don`t want to, but they are going to be a lot of fun.
  • Concierge and guidance - If you need advice, support or a translator while you are at the hub, we`ll be there to help you. We will also facilitate certain activities (surf, kitesurf, biking, etc.). We`ll help you with the bookings, find out prices, recommend providers, etc. We`ll offer advice on where to go, what to do and what to see on the island.  We can also help you organize and order meals.
  • Weekly events- We`ll find out about events and activites that take place during the week or weekends and we`ll go together or make bookings for you guys.
  • Assistance with finding and booking the plane tickets- We`ll help you find and book the most convenient plane tickets from your location.
  • Basic Spanish Course- you’ll get started with Spanish and practice in real-life situations.
  • And a surprise.



What`s not included:

  • Computer/laptop - you must bring your own laptop/tablet.
  • Airfare – Though we`ll help you find the best one.
  • Local transport - Local transportation, apart from the access to the hub`s car and weekend trips is not included.
  • Meals and drinks (apart from breakfast)You can go out, cook or order in.
  • Insurance – Travel or health insurance, you need to take care of that before you come.
  • Activities – Entrances, tickets and activities that you engage in on the island are not included. But we`ll help you find the best price.
  • Anything that`s not on the included list :)


*The event takes place between 14th of February and 16th of March. If you come only for a 2 week period, remember that it must be either at the start or at the end of event. Also, by booking you agree to comply with a few commonsensicall house rules meant to keep us all good friends.

Some of the general guidelines:

  • It`s your house, make yourself comfortable, but don`t disturb others.
  • Be friendly and participate.
  • Bring your best mood.


Recommendations and information:

What to wear– Tenerife is mostly sunny , the temperature during the winter is 23 degrees Celsius usually during the day (in the shadow). During the night the temperature drops to about 16-18 degrees and it can get chilly so make sure you bring some warm clothes also. On the mountain (the island`s highest peak is 3718m) it can be very cold (it drops to 0 sometimes) so it`s good to have something warm to wear if we take a trip there. The water temperature varies between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius in the winter. It can get quite windy sometimes, but it barely rains.

What to bring: There is nothing you can`t find on the island. So everything can be bought or rented here.

Timezone - Tenerife is on the GMT timezone.

Prices- Here are some orientative prices

  • A meal in a local restaurant – between 5 and 15 euros
  • A beer or coffee in a bar- 1-2 euros (usually 1 euro)
  • A normal bus ticket – about 1,5-3 euros.
  • A week-long surf course- about 150 euros
  • A week-long kitesurfing course- about 350 euros
  • Horse-back riding on the beach (1 hours)- 20 euros
  • Stand-up paddling (3 hours+meal) – about 35 euros
  • Gasoline 1 liter – 1,08 euros


The villa:

The villa is close to the town of Candelaria on the east side of the island and just 15 km from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of the island. In Candelaria you will find shops, supermarkets, beaches, restaurants and bars. There are a few restaurants close to the villa as well.

It has an exquisite view of the valley and the ocean, a small pool, a tennis court, a big yard, a terrace, parking, washer, a big garden, a gym, TV, living room, kitchen and, of course, Internet WiFi.  There are two separate buildings with 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.  Most of the beds in single rooms are double beds, the shared room has twin beds.


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