nomadicHub is the best way to travel when you also have to work and here`s why:


Forget about travelling alone. Experience a new country and culture in the company of like-minded people.

Avoid bad hotels. We`ll book a luxury villa with everything that you need. We`ll take care of laundry and cleaning so you can focus on work and having fun. You`ll be able to feel like home.

Good Internet. It sucks when you need to work and there`s no WiFi. With two separate internet connection we`ve got that covered. You`ll have access to fast internet and office supplies.

Save money. That`s right. We offer airport pick-up and drop-off,  you`ll have access to a kitchen so you can cook if you want, you`ll have access to a car and you`ll pay less per night than in a hotel. Overall, by travelling with nomadicHUB you will save money.

Have someone you can rely on. We are there to welcome you, give you info about the location, intermediate communication with locals, help you with problems that can come up, book tours and tickets for you, send snail-mail and more. It`s always better when there`s someone to help you with local bureaucracy, language or chaos. 

Explore dangerous and exotic areas safely. We have plenty of experience in travelling and working in relatively wild and unsafe areas. We`ll go there before you arrive and organize everything so you will be safe. We`ll also help you get the visa and other formal documents.

Overcome your fear of exploring. We make it easy for you to travel so you have no more excuses to stay home and only dream about being a true digital nomad. You can be free to follow your dreams.


More Benefits:

  • Travel safe and eliminate every risk of not being in touch.
  • Get constant, reliable Internet.
  • Be more productive by being surrounded by people who work and do stuff.
  • Cheaper accommodation than in a hotel.
  • You have the most amazing travel partner (if you are afraid of travelling alone this is perfect for you).
  • Meet and connect with new like-minded people. Share ideas, share your knowledge and learn from others.

Traveling and working with nomadicHUB is easier and more adventurous while being safe and comfortable in the same time.

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