Who is this for?

  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Location independent professionals
  • Start-ups or small companies
  • Employees who work remotely

And we can expand on that. nomadicHUB can be perfect for: Photographers, SEO experts and consultants, Writers, Artists, Journalists, Accountants, Consultants, Poker players, Trainers and more.

How can I get there?

There are many ways to get to each location. We are travel hackers so we`ll help you find the most convenient flights and we`ll pick you up from the airport.

How does it work with food?

We provide an included rich buffet breakfast and drinks.

The villa has a kitchen with everything you need and there are plenty of restaurants in the area.

We can also order stuff for you or organize meals for the whole group. Sometimes we can even hire a cook to prepare something good. We`ll work that out there.

How long can I stay?

You can choose to stay for 2 weeks or one month. In some events you can stay longer

How will I reach the villa?

We`ll pick you up from the airport.

Who`s behind the project?

It`s no secret. Read about us on the team page.


Will I be able to work there or will I just chill out and feel like on a holiday?

We aim to create a work camp during the day and a fun place during the evenings.

We select our participants carefully in order to create a productive work environment.

You’ll get inspired and motivated by other co-workers so you can be able to tap into that “working mode”.


I have more questions, can I reach you guys more directly?

Yup, you can call us at +40721 065 348 or we can Skype.


How do I book my spot?

First of all you need to complete this form and send it to us. When you are approved you have several options. You can book your place by paying an advance or book it all and get a reasonable discount for being an early bird.  If you want to make the payment in several increments, that can also be arranged.


Will I have privacy?

Of course, you do not have to join any of the group activities. You can do what you want and when you want, as long as you don`t disturb the others.


What kind of activities are you guys talking about?

Each week we`ll organize activities of two kinds: work related and fun related. We`ll organize small brainstorming sessions or professional exchange session and after work we`ll always do something fun like going to a dinner, a party, going to try the local food, meet locals and more.

What will each house have?

  • A high speed internet connection.
  • A designated work area with desks and comfortable chairs.
  • A “quiet zone” which will often be the same as the work area where talking on the phone, brainstorming or talking loudly is avoided through a mutual agreement.
  • A phone call zone where you can take calls ( you can also do this in your room)
  • A brainstorming, chilling area- this is a relaxing space where we can network and brainstorm ideas.
  • Kitchen and a yard or terrace.

So even if you stay in a shared room you will still have access to more rooms where you can get your work done.


Can I come with my partner?

Yep, of course.


Do I need travel insurance?

We advise you to get travel insurance, yes.


Can I come alone?

Yes, of course. Most people come alone, the idea is to make new friends anyway.


What are the additional costs?

The additional costs are:

  • flights – between 100 euros and 400 euros depending on your location. We`ll help you find the best ones.
  • meals – we offer the breakfast, but I guess you want to eat more. It shouldn`t be more than 200 euros/month, but can be way less.
  • personal expenses.
  • adventure activities -You can engage in numerous activities and courses in each location like kite-surfing, surfing and other.  These activities, the entrances to different sites and your drinks or food when we go out are supported by you.