Learn Spanish while coworking and coliving in Spain

Posted on Feb 5, 2014 | 1 comment

It never hurts to know some Spanish, or another foreign language for that matter. And what better opportunity to learn a new language is there than living in the country where that language is spoken?

As we`re going to live in Spain together we thought we should add a free bonus to our packagesa beginner Spanish course.

If you are a beginner or if don`t know any Spanish at all, this is perfect for you. You`ll learn the basics, you`ll start to make sense of what goes on around you in bars, restaurant and local events, and will even start to have simple conversations with locals.

Here is what we are planning to teach you while you enjoy your stay on the island:

Spanish Course

  • Lesson I: Introductions & Greetings. Within this first lesson you will learn basic words and their pronunciation. In Spanish, the vowel sounds are very important, and the first five pronunciation lessons cover this important topic. We know most of you have learned some Spanish words from the soap operas so now it’s time to refresh that knowledge.
  •  Lesson II:  !Hola! Introduce yourself and Make New Friends. After this lesson you will be able to present yourself in Spanish and tell us a little bit more about you. ( ?Como te llamas? ? Cual es tu profesion? De donde vienes? )
  •  Lesson III: Basic questions & answers in Spanish. Within this lesson you will learn how to express your feelings, and talk about your hobbies (music, sports, travels, etc.) , things you like or dislike.
  •  Lesson IV: Colors and numbers. After this lessons you will learn how to count, how to say what time it is and the main colors.
  •  Lesson V: Talking about family, friends, relationships and pets!
  •  Lesson VI: Foods and drinks (Comer y beber). Within this lesson you will learn how to order a drink (Cervezaaa!!) and also some of the traditional Spanish dishes that you’ll have to try here on the island. Vamos!
  •  Lesson VII: Asking for and giving directions. You will learn how to never get lost! How to ask for directions and how to express your location.
  •  Lesson VIII:  Vamos a hablar! In this lesson we’ll put in practice everything we have learned so far. We will inverse roles or play some games and the only accepted language will be Spanish! Guaranteed fun!


And because we`ll be living together in Spain, you`ll be able to practice the new words and phrases every day. Practicing in real-life situations will boost your vocabulary and confidence. We`ll also adapt the course to your current level of Spanish.

Do you already know some Spanish? You`ll be able to learn new words or grammar and practice it so you can get better at it.

So what are you waiting for? Let`s get started.

Join us while we still have some available spots.


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  1. Practising in real-life situations is the best way to improve you Spanish and feel more confident. I went to Barcelona last summer, and I loved the experience. It’s very encouraging to see your progress on a new language!


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