The Dream Team

Lavinia Nistor
  • Playful & Joyful 100%
  • Spanish 98%
  • French 45%
  • Skiing 50%
  • Event Management 70%

Lavinia Nistor

Smiling Genie

I’m a joyful spirit, a travel addict (World Tour Dreamer), a remote employee and an aspiring designer.I enjoy connecting people, hearing their stories and getting inspired.

I have lived and worked from Barcelona, France, India, New York and Romania.We are living a digital age so I believe we owe ourselves to make a difference through our lifestyle. I believe NomadicHub will be a great home for freelancers and digital nomads who like to combine work with travel and leisure.

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Paul Manea
  • Joy 99%
  • Spanish 47%
  • Copywriting 77%
  • Surfing 3%

Paul Manea

Copywriter, entrepreneur, dreamer and traveler

I`m an entrepreneur, an avid traveler, a motorcycle enthusiast and an adventure addict. My goal is to create awesome groups of people who will have an excellent time during each event.

I am a digital nomad, having worked remotely from Tenerife, India, Paris, Belgium and Romania. I also worked in a hostel, did volunteer work and started several projects. I`ve worked from exotic locations before and I realized it`s even more intense when you do it with other people.

In a way nomadicHUB solves my own need of socializing with  awesome people.

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