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It sometimes dawns on me that I should quit. Just move somewhere very cheap and very quiet like my hometown, in the mountains, in Goa, or in the Philippines and live there, making a little bit of money online and reading all day long. No worries, no stress, no nothing. I`m not a quitter and I would probably never cave, but the thought still comes around.

I think that we all have a part like that. A coward, a lazy ass, a little (or big?) part of our personality that just wants peace. I feel it and I know Lavinia does sometimes, too.

Then why on Earth are we doing this nomadicHUB thing, or any of the other projects that involve effort, stress, responsibility, putting ourselves out there and not sleeping nights? WHY? Hmm, where should I begin? How much time do you have?

I could begin by telling you that we are doing it for fame. Everyone wants to be famous sometime in their life, right? But we`re probably not going to be famous very soon, we`re still pretty far from changing the world.

We could be doing it for the money, but there`s not a great deal of money in this, in fact we`ll probably invest more than we`ll earn, at least in the foreseeable future. So that`s not it. Then why?

If three of us travel together, I shall find two teachers. – Confucius

I think we are doing it for two main reasons, or three, sometimes four.

We are doing it for the people. Because we couldn`t imagine a life without great people around us. Because we see so many amazing things in our travels and we have too few people to share them with. And we know there are many more great people who want to travel more and learn more, but who, for some reason, can`t.

We put ourselves under the stress and trouble of finding a villa, negotiating with different owners, spending time on the road, placing hundreds of calls, risking capital, sleeping in airports, getting really tired, feeling hopeless, because we want great people around. And we want people who want to travel more to be able to do so.

I`ve held seminars about the digital nomad lifestyle before and I loved it. I may not have satisfied everyone, but I loved the fact that I could inspire a few. And I can also see the happy spark in Lavinia`s eyes when she`s able to help, guide or make someone laugh. So, could it be for people? Yes, I`m positive.

Why else?


We`re also doing it because we believe in it. If you travel a little more because we exist, if you feel inspired and if you discover something new or feel a moment of bliss and happiness, we`ve done our job well.

I know it`s hard to travel sometimes. It`s not easy to organize everything and leave the security of your home for the “dangers” of the road.  I know it sucks to travel alone, I`ve been there. So if we can help you go over those obstacles and travel more, we`re happy and fulfilled. We`ll be glad because we can share a moment of joy together and the whole experience becomes more intense for us also. And that`s true even if you join us or just share a kind thought over the Internet.

Oh, right, there`s another thing. We`re doing this to get inspired. I truly believe you can learn from everyone. Living with amazing people is bound to inspire you.  You`ll learn and we`ll learn with you. What better way to grow as a person than through getting to know other people?

And we`re doing it because we owe it to ourselves, because we hate regret, hate it, really! Because a harsh defeat or a very hard moment of exhaustion, or even desperation, pales in the face of years of quiet, apparently bearable, disappointment that would await us if we do nothing. We`re doing it because being active keeps us alive and we want to move the world forward, not lag it.

In some sense, we do it because we do it anyway. This is our lifestyle, we love it and we want to share it.

And you know what?

nomadic hub team

As corny and sketchy this might sound, I`ll still tell you: we`re doing it for you. And of course we do, no business or project would ever exist without the people who take an interest in it.

Listen, I read somewhere that there`s no real measure of a man`s success, other, maybe, than his power to improve the life of others. So, I figured, we`re at least indebted to try.

Why we do it? For all these reasons and probably more, because every day we discover at least one more.


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  1. You are so right but I do want to say when it come down to it what makes us continue is that we want to matter.

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    • un articol FASCINANT! You nailed it again guys !

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